Tri-Pak Diesel Booster 500 ml


Tri-Pak Diesel Booster 6-Pack – 6 x 500 ml Proven Diesel & HVO Optimisation

“All you need in one bottle”

6-Pack of the most efficient diesel additive on the market

One bottle (500ml) of Tri-Pak Diesel Booster is sufficient for 650 liters of Diesel or HVO

  • Reduces consumption
  • Increases combustion and higher power
  • Reduces environmentally harmful emissions
  • Combats & prevents micro-organisms (bacteria)
  • Lubricates and cleans the fuel system

For all cars, trucks, boats, ships, generators, compressors, forestry machinery, and equipment or vehicles that use diesel or HVO fuels



Description Tri-Pak Diesel Booster









Tri-Pak Diesel Booster – 500 ml superior Diesel & HVO Optimization “All you need in a bottle – Fuel Efficiency”

One bottle (500ml) Tri-Pak Diesel Booster is sufficient for 650 liters of Diesel or HVO, used for new and older engines.

  • Reduces consumption
  • Increases efficiency and power
  • Prolongs service intervals with up to 5 times for filters
  • Reduces & prevents micro-organisms (“Diesel bacteria”)
  • Up to 80% less harmful emissions
  • Reduces environmentally harmful emissions

Most of the users note a remarkably reduced consumption

Everything an engine and its fuel system needs for Optimal performance – in one bottle