Tri-Pak Gasoline Booster – 6-pack


Tri-Pak Gasoline Booster 6-Pack – 6 x 500ml Perfected Gasoline Optimisation, sufficient for 3 900  liters of gasoline

“All you need in One bottle – Fuel Efficiency”

One bottle (500ml) Tri-Pak Gasoline Booster sufficient for 650 liters of gasoline

  • Reduces consumption
  • Increases octane
  • Reduces environmentally harmful emissions
  • lead replacement
  • Race Fuel
  • For all petrol engines, with or without catalyst, 4-stroke and 2-stroke.

For cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, ships, generators, compressors, lawn mowers, forestry machinery, chain saws and equipment or vehicles that use gasoline or race gasoline.




Six pack of Tri-Pak Petrol/Gasoline/Benzine Booster

Gasoline additive with proven results in reduced emissions, increased power, increased torque and it provides significant savings in both fuel consumption and the environment.

6 x 500 ml of Tri-Pak Benzine Booster – is sufficient for 3 900 liters of fuel – for new and older engines and vehicles
With Tri-Pak Benzine Booster you get better combustion of the fuel and it provides up to 80% lower CO & HC values. Saving both money and environment.
– The highest proportion of lubricating protection of all tested additives.
– Lead replacement
– Cleans and gives maximum lubrication protection for valve seats, valves, injectors, carburetors, spark plugs, fuel pump, etc.
– Is octane-enhancing – increases combustion
– Reduces the emissions CO & HC values ​​with up to 80%

Most users note considerably reduced fuel consumption.
500 ml of Tri-Pak fuel optimiser is sufficient for 650 liters of gasoline, E85, or a mixture thereof.

Tri-Pak also works great as a replacement for traditional race fuels, reducing the race fuel cost. example 98 Oct to 107 Oct by adding the corresponding amount according to instruction.
Everything an engine and its fuel system needs to function optimally – in one bottle.

Tri-Pak Petrol Booster is also a lead replacement and works great for all older engines requiring lubrication corresponding to the added lead in the past.


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